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 Further to my last post..... INK!

Skelly was awesome, as always.   Anybody who happens to find themselves needing ink in my neck of the woods should definitely head his way, because his stuff is consistently excellent quality, and he's a generally all round awesome dude.   Having said that, these hurt like a bastard!

 This is my NMC registration number.  You can actually look me up on the register using this (and I don't really care who knows it- that's actually what the register is for, after all!)  I wanted it to look like a rubber stamp on my arm, and I think we got that pretty much dead on.  Debated on the colour a lot, but red was a clear winner in the end.

While he was all set-up, Skelly asked me if I had anything else that needed touching up, since the stamp didn't take too long.  I asked him to refresh Bastard Dragon.  Bastard Dragon was named as such because it hurt like a bastard when I first got it.  Well- it was no better the second time around! >__>;  Hurt like a complete asshole, and is now making it hard to move my thumb.

On the plus side, it's now all one colour and no longer looks faded. ^__^.  I am well pleased.
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