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The Trials of Misguidance

(or what I did today)

1/18/25 06:47 pm

11/1/15 08:47 am - A reading for the new month.

I had some really awful dreams last night- some because they were just horrific, others because they were really emotional.  I dream a lot about my mother, who never believed in an afterlife but who always seems keen to speak to me when I do dream about her.  She was the bane of my life, but also my best friend.  It always leaves me feeling very conflicted.

I always try to do a card reading on the day after Hallowe'en.  I have done for years, but my last deck got tainted after my suicide attempt, and it's taken a long time for me to get up the nerve to get a new deck.  I eventually bought some a few weeks ago, and have been too nervous to do anything with them.  Probably shouldn't have been a surprise therefore when I opened the box and they fell all over the floor- so eager to tell me something that they practically jumped out and shouted it at me!  ^__-;

I picked up the first 3 cards I saw face up, and have laid them out in the order that I saw them.  It's telling me about what I would expect: If I can curb my addictions (for me, that's junk food, shopping and hoarding) then my life will improve.  

It's a fairly simple message, but given that I'm on an emotional down-swing at the moment, it's nice to see my own thoughts laid out so clearly when they get so tangled up in my head.  That's one of the things I have always liked about spirit cards- it's like having a direct line to your own common sense.

I have a whole week of work ahead of me (yay annual leave!) so it's as good a time as any to try and start sorting this stuff out.  I rearranged my whole bedroom to accommodate Opal's new vivarium, so now is a good time for me to sift through all my junk and see what can be parted with and what should be kept.  Days off also mean time to cook, so I'm going to try and get back to eating more healthily.  It's not so much about my weight- I've made peace with being fat, it no longer bothers me- but junk food makes me feel ill, even though I'm addicted to it. -__-;  I don't like that feeling- and even though my weight loss was a bust when I was on the Slimming World diet, I did have more energy and I did feel a lot better.  That's what I need to go for- feeling good, rather than losing weight.  Luckily it's stew season, and nothing goes better in a stew than lots of fresh veg! 

In Other News:
Zipper had his unofficial birthday yesterday.  He remains small and adorable, although he's grown a lot since I got him- he's now 2ft 6inches long, making him bigger than Opal was when I first got her! O_O   It says a lot about how big Rambo and Opal are that he still looks so tiny to me!

Speaking of Rambo, he's going back to the vet in a week for a check-up, and then he is also going into a new vivarium.  This will leave Opal's old viv free for Zipper to move into (once he's a little bigger, unless I can Zipper-proof it, which might be possible- we'll see...).  I'm not planning on getting any more snakes, but it will be nice to have Zipper's tank on hand.... just in case. ^__-.

Ad says I'm going to end up running a corn snake sanctuary once I get a bigger house.  
He's probably not wrong. >_>;

10/4/15 09:37 am - Oh Shi-

 My brother, who has slowly (finally) been sorting himself out over the last year or so, went on holiday with Frankie and on the last night he proposed to her!  It's both awesome and strange, seeing Mum's engagement ring on the hand of somebody as incredibly un-Mum-like as Frankie (who's awesome- just she and Mum are of course completely different.)  It suits her, though, and she makes Chass happy so I'm actually thrilled for them both.

Suddenly, the prospect of me becoming an uncle seems very real and surprisingly close.   
I'm going to have to learn how to knit baby clothes. 

9/29/15 04:39 pm - Ink!

 Further to my last post..... INK!

Skelly was awesome, as always.   Anybody who happens to find themselves needing ink in my neck of the woods should definitely head his way, because his stuff is consistently excellent quality, and he's a generally all round awesome dude.   Having said that, these hurt like a bastard!

 This is my NMC registration number.  You can actually look me up on the register using this (and I don't really care who knows it- that's actually what the register is for, after all!)  I wanted it to look like a rubber stamp on my arm, and I think we got that pretty much dead on.  Debated on the colour a lot, but red was a clear winner in the end.

While he was all set-up, Skelly asked me if I had anything else that needed touching up, since the stamp didn't take too long.  I asked him to refresh Bastard Dragon.  Bastard Dragon was named as such because it hurt like a bastard when I first got it.  Well- it was no better the second time around! >__>;  Hurt like a complete asshole, and is now making it hard to move my thumb.

On the plus side, it's now all one colour and no longer looks faded. ^__^.  I am well pleased.

9/29/15 01:12 pm - Annual Leave!!

 I have just started a week of annual leave.  I've been working for 4 months now, and I am definitely feeling the need for some time off.  I'm shattered.

I'm going home to see Dad and Liz for a few days- nothing earth shattering, just a few days on the Welsh boarders looking at sheep and enjoying the peace and quiet.  I can't wait!

In the meantime, I am off this afternoon to have my NMC registration number tattooed on my wrist, because whatever the future holds for me, I finished my degree and got myself registered, and that is something I am insanely proud of.  I may not work in the NHS forever, but this will always be part of my history, and that is worth remembering. ^__^.

In Other News:
I got a tax rebait on my pay this month, because they had me down on the wrong tax code.  I'm using it to replace my manky old leather jacket, and to buy some graphic novels.  Nothing too earth-shattering- I just figured that since I'm buying myself that amazing Lady Death doll, I may as well buy a few of the comics and pretend like I know something about the character. ^__-.

Oh- and Rambo shed, finally.  It wasn't as clean as I'd like it to have been, but he ate right after and looks well, which is good.  I'm probably going to take him to the vet later this month for a general check-up, not because I'm worried about him, but just to be certain nothing's been missed. 
He will, of course, hate every second of it.  -__-; Poor little guy.

2/5/13 04:23 pm - Exam and Ponies

 So, the exam is over.  YAY!!

No idea how I've done- to be honest, I never do with exams and assessments. >_>  I'm just glad when they are done, and I can put the trauma of it out of my mind. XD  This time we have to wait a few weeks for the results, so I am just going to forget about it until then. 

When I got in, I found a package waiting for me from the nice people are Pony Plushes.  It was *supposed* to be my Pinkie-Pie 8gig flash drive, but somehow a Fluttershy one snuck into the parcel instead!  It's cute as hell, and while I could keep it and be happy, I paid for  Pinkie-Pie (which was on sale) and this one is more expensive.  I would feel bad keeping it.  I have contacted the company to let them know, and have asked for their return details so I can send this little lady back to them. 

Hopefully sorting this out will be easy.  They seem like really nice people, and their products are adorable, so if this goes well then I can totally see myself buying more from them in the future. 

EDIT: They replied:

"Hey, don't worry about it we goofed and that is now a gift from us. Of course we will still send you your Pinkie Pie. Have a good one :)

Seriously, these people are adorable and awesome.  Buy from them!  I command it!   http://ponyplushies.com

2/27/12 12:20 am - Last Ditch Doll Sale....

I am making one final attempt at selling my spare Dollmore Banji boy.  


Details, details, details....Collapse )

If none of you guys want him, he will go onto DoA and then e-bay.  ^__^  I'm not in a rush, but proceeds of this sale will be put towards a very good BJD related cause, which happened to pop up on the Den of Demons marketplace today:

(Picture by Bazangi on Flickr, who is the one who waved this lovely little fellow at me in the first place dammit! XD)

It's a BJD-ragon!   And look at that little face!!  ;___;  So cute!!  And even though I seriously did think there were no more BJDs that could tempt me after Ender, there really was no way I could I leave this little one alone.  I have him on layaway, but obviously the sooner I pay him off, the sooner I have an adorable little ball jointed dragon to sit on my desk looking adorable. <3

Hehe- I have new doll jitters already! XD

12/24/11 08:34 pm - Merry Christmas

(Unknown artist, but if you know who it is please tell me so I can credit them.)

I will not be updating again until Boxing Day, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, or any other holiday that you observe at this time of year. ^__^.

In Other News:
So far today has been slow, but nice.  I have had a rather rough morning, feeling down about things, and truthfully it doesn't really feel like Christmas to me, even now.  I just can't get my head around things.  My brother went out for his birthday yesterday and still hasn't arrived home, though he did call to say he would be back here by 10pm.  We'll see if it happens, or if Dad has to go out and pick him up because there isn't a bus, or something. >_>  I'm just hoping he won't be too hung over, because I don't think I have the emotional energy to put up with him being a dick this year.

To try and get into the spirit of things, I went to the crib service at the church at 4:30, and it was lovely.  Every year we have a live donkey in the church for this service (he's called Bert) and it's nice to see all the kids dressed up as angels and shepherds, and various other assorted things from the Christmas story.  Oh, and Darth Vader, obviously, because there is always one little kid who just wants to dress up and doesn't quite get what's going on.

*insert 'lack of faith' joke here*

Anyway, it was good, the donkey didn't crap anywhere this year (added bonus), but it still feels odd to me.  I've decided to go to Midnight Mass, too, and of course we will go tomorrow morning, because Dad loves the Christmas carols, and Liz will be playing the organ.  It's a lot of times to go to church for someone like me, who is not (and never will be) a Christian, but I feel I need to do this.  For Mum, who was a Christian, and who loved this time of year, and for my memories of her.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, I think.  I want to look forward to it, at least, so I suppose that's a damn good start.

11/25/10 01:26 am - Long Shot is Loooong.....

Erm... this is a really long shot, but I know there are some Warhammer players about, both past and present, and I was wondering if anyone had any of the *old* High Elf Scouts (or Shadow Warriors- blegh, two names for one thing....) that they no longer want.   I'm after the ones in the short chainmail skirts- not the new ones, in the silly baggy trousers.

I'm keeping an eye on e-bay, but without too much luck, so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask about. 

Also, if anyone finds any of the old Maiden Guard models kicking about in their bitz box, I will make it worth their while. ^__-

And now I'm going to bed, because I have to be up again in 5 hours. >_>;

11/18/10 06:08 pm - WS Dollmore Banji for sale! (Not Ed!)

 Ok, so something has popped up on e-bay that I really, really, really want to bid for.  So, I am prepared to dramatically drop the price on this Banji, just to get the chance.  XD

(NS Banji has been sold....)

Because I really want the money, I will accept $100 for him- just for you LJ folk and the people on DoD.  I hardly go to DoA anymore anyway. >_>;

He's a limited edition Sweet Dew Banji boy, without his default outfit.  His hair, eyes and face are default, and his face-up is perfect.  No damage that I can see anywhere, no stains, and he is a nice very-just-off-paper-white colour.   He will come with his wig, eyes, box and certificate.  The box has some knocks on the corners, but it's only cosmetic damage.

Shipping will be $8 in the UK, and $15 for overseas.  That will include a tracking method and insurance.
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